What if My Accumulated Mail Exceeds My Mailbox Size?

USPS has so many customers in America. United States Postal Service also known as USPS is a very big agency and it offers so many services to it’s customers. Hold mail service is one of them. If you are going somewhere for few weeks or months and not able to receive any mail then you can easily hold your mail. USPS Hold Mail process is very simple you can easily do this job online or by visiting the post office. You can hold your mail for a long time. You can also choose the method to collect all the accumulated mail. You can pick up your mail yourself by visiting the post office or you can also choose the other method in which the mail carrier will leave all held mail into your mailbox.

If you are going out for a long time then the number of mail will increase and after your return the mail carrier will deliver all your mail. What if the mailbox is full? If the number of mail is so much then your mailbox will be full and all mail won’t be able to fit in that mailbox. In this situation what will happen to your accumulated mail? Let’s find out what the mail carrier will do in this situation.

  1. If You are NOT Home :- If you are not home then the letter carrier will deliver only mail that fit in your mailbox and he will return the other mail to your local post office. He will also leave a Delivery Notice for you. You can pick up those other mail from your local post office.
  2. If You are Home :- If you are present there at home then the letter carrier will try to deliver all the mail to you personally. If still he fails to deliver the mail then number 1 above applies.

These two things will happen if held mail doesn’t fit in your mailbox.

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