How to Appeal a Domestic Claim?

Filing a claim for any type of shipment is very easy. Visit the main site of United States Postal Service, click on “File a Claim” under Help category. Both options are available there, claim for domestic shipments and international shipments. In case of mail damage or lost mail customers can file an claim for insured mail but what if your claim is denied ?

In case of denied claim, customers can appeal an international claim and domestic claim as well.

How to Appeal a denied Domestic Claim :-

Appeal a Domestic ClaimThere are two ways to submit appeal, one is online and second is offline. If the original claim was submitted online then customer can submit an appeal online using customer account.

Sign in to the customer account at On the “Claim History” page, click on the label number or name of the claim that you wish to appeal. Click on “Appeal Claim” option on the “Claim Status” page. Fill out the online form completely and try to be specific as much as you can. In the text box given, you will need to enter the reason for appeal. Read out the Customer Certification statement and check the box if you agree and finally click on “Submit Appeal”.

That’s the easiest way to submit appeal online for denied domestic claim. If you have any document that supports your appeal then upload it on the same page but the document must not included in the original claim and must be in PDF or JPG format.

If the original claim was not filed online then submit a written appeal within 30 days of the date of the original decision. File the appeal to the given address :-

PO BOX 80141
ST. LOUIS, MO 63180-0141

Appeal a Claim Paid for Less Than The Claimed Amount :- 

If any customer got paid less then the claimed amount than he / she can appeal a claim for it online or in writing to the following address :-

PO BOX 80141
ST. LOUIS, MO 63180-0140

What to do if Claim is denied second time?

Customers have two chances to appeal a claim so if the claim is denied second time then appeal a claim final time. If the appeal was made online then make this second appeal online and if in writing then write an appeal to Consumer advocate within 30 days of the date of second denial. Submit the final appeal to :-

WASHINGTON, DC 20260-2200

What information is necessary to appeal a claim :- 

  • Give an accurate reason that why your claim or case should be reviewed.
  • Proof of Value
  • Evidence of Insurance Purchased
  • Proof of Damage
  • Proof of Mailing

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  1. Why is there not a way to email this information? I’ve already lost the package that I’m claiming and appealing. Why don’t you have an email or website to submit this information online? I guess I have to spend yet more money to send this with a signature verification and tracking to ensure that it was actually received. Yes, there is anger in this message. USPS has given me the runaround for over a month and denied my claim stating that it was delivered — only to learn that it was not delivered to the intended recipient – it was scanned by postal employee down the street and around the corner from where it was addressed to.

    1. Same thing here. Package was scanned as delivered and waiting for pickup, but the idiot who scanned it put it into the wrong PO Box and the package is gone. Over a month of custom work and my client has nothing, I have nothing and my claim was denied because it was scanned as delivered. I’ll pay the extra money to have UPS ship next time. What a joke!

      Also, there is no “Claim History” tab anywhere on the claims page.

    2. Yeah, The claim history isnt even on that page anymore. I cant find it. Shouldnt even have to appeal. Customer didnt get his package but I still had to refund him. either he’s lying or post office is, either way, why is it my responsibility. I did my part

  2. Why 30 days? I was on vacation when the letter arrived. It took 10 days to arrive, it arrived just after I left, and I had 4 days to wade through the backlog of mail, find the letter and respond. Anyway:

    * their automated phone system had no record of my claim
    * my online claim has no way of adding images after I was informed that my valuation documentation was inadequate
    * I wish the real USPS.COM site allowed for feedback, thank you for letting me vent.

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