Do I Need to Put a Return Address on an Envelope or Mail

Sending any mail, package or parcel to anyone requires the stamp, addressee information, etc. but is it important to use the return address on the envelope?

The same question asked my friend that “Do I Need to Put a Return Address on an Envelope or Mail,” I gave him the answer and thought to write an article on the same topic. So here we go. Let’s know is it important to use the return address or not.

EnvelopeParAddressedOn postal items, many foreign postal administrations want you to add the complete sender and addressee information on the envelope or mail in Arabic numerals and Roman letters. So, all the outbound international mail must have the return address. You should always put the return address on every mail or envelope. If your package or mail can’t be delivered because of any reason, then the foreign postal service or your local postal service will return that item to you.

In the case of International mail, it’s important to put the complete return address with the ZIP Code and origin country. You can put this detail in the upper left corner of the envelope, card, or package. You may use only one return address. It must be written in a manner that it doesn’t affect the clarity of the destination address or the application of service forms and notations (postmarks, etc.).

Find out what happens to undelivered mail with no Return address and how long does the USPS hold the undelivered mail or package.

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