What are the General Guidelines for USPS Rural Delivery?

United States Postal Service (USPS) delivers mail to city and rural areas. The guidelines for both city and rural delivery are different.

Here, in this article read the general guidelines for rural delivery.

General Guidelines for USPS Rural Delivery :-

  • In rural area, mailbox must be placed in the travel line of the carrier.
  • Mailbox must be placed on the right side of the road, in the direction of travel of carrier.
  • If anyone wants to submit a request for extension of delivery route then he / she must inform about this to postmaster at the delivery unit.
  • In rural area, a single mailbox can be used by more than one family but not more than 5 families. Those who use that mailbox have to submit a written notice of agreement with signature to postmaster at delivery unit.
  • If a person has any difficulty or question regarding change from rural to door delivery must be referred to delivery unit.
  • If a carrier has to deliver over-sized parcels or Accountable mail then he should try something to gain the attention of the recipient. He can try honking. If the recipient comes out from the delivery point or house then he will deliver it to the recipient and if no one comes out to pick that item then the carrier should try to deliver that item if the delivery point is within 1/2 mile of the line of travel and the road is passable, otherwise carrier will take that item back to the delivery unit after leaving PS Form 3849 and the recipient has to collect that item.
  • As the rural carriers operates the post office on wheels then they can :-

    – Deliver or accept mail-able item or matter like USPS Retail Ground, Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express (Certified Mail, Registered Mail, Insured & Collect on Delivery).

    – Sell Stamps (Payment can be made in cash or check).

    – Sell Money Orders (Only cash is accepted).

  • If the postage is due and the carrier is there to deliver that postage due letter then it’s not necessary to go to the door. Carrier can below the horn. Customer has to come out to take or/and pay the letter.

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