How Post Offices Sale your Updated Address to Send Junk Mail

Everyday you receive lots of mail and packages. Most are from your friends, family and others but not all mail are sent from your known sources. Others are sent from unknown sources. These other mail may me catalogs, promotional cards, credit card offers or anything other. These may be useless for you because it’s hardly beneficial for anyone. In today’s modern world we can buy anything online if we want to. Then it seems completely useless for us. Have you ever noticed that you receive these useless mail even you change your address. Do you know the reason behind it? If no then read it below that how you receive junk mail even after changing or updating your address.

how post offices sale your personal informationYou are living at an address and you must be in someone’s database. If you receive and send mail then you must be in someone else database. For example you are a customer of United States Postal Service (USPS) then they must have your all information. You receive and send mail or packages using USPS then USPS can also share your personal information with other companies and it does because United States Postal Service makes a huge amount of money by sharing your information with big companies. These big companies use your information to send promotional cards, credit card offers and any other promotional letters. By this way they (promotional companies) get your information and use it to promote their products and services. Even if you change or update your information then you cannot get rid of these mail because while changing your address you will inform all your contacts about the address change including USPS and it will add your name into the list of change of address request. This way they have all the data of updated address also. Now you can understand that how post offices are selling your information.

How you can Stay Away from this process :-

If you don’t want to receive junk mail anymore then you can do many things for this. Don’t write your address or personal information everywhere. If it is necessary to write then also add “Don’t sale my information” at the bottom of the information. By this way you can make yourself safe from the junk mail. I have written a detailed article on Junk Mail, you can read that and can find various ways to avoid junk mail. There are so many methods you can use to get rid of it.

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