Do I have to pay tax on my Shipping Order?

Is Shipping Taxable? It is one of the most frequently asked question. Package delivery companies charge sales tax as required by law. They charge sales tax from customers for orders or shipments being shipped to Colorado, California, Kentucky, Illinois, New York, Vermont, Indiana, Ohio, Massachusetts, Virginia, New Jersey and Connecticut.

The charge of shipping to you will be based on the sales tax for the state to which the order or shipment is being shipped.

Below are the sales tax rates given by State :-

  • CA: 8.25%
  • (San Francisco: 9.5%, Los Angeles: 9.25%)
  • CO: 4.82%
  • NJ: 7%
  • CT: 6.35%
  • IL: 8.55%
  • IN: 7%
  • VA: 5%
  • VT: 7%
  • KY: 6%
  • MA: 6.25%
  • NY: 8.875%
  • OH: 6.75%

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