What are the Limits for Insuring Cash and Checks?

Limits for Insuring Cash and ChecksIf you are sending money through the mail, then it can be insured. The limits of ensuring money (currency /cash) are as given:

  • The maximum Compensation for negotiable items, bullion, or currency except for Registered Mail is $15.
    • Items that can be easily converted to cash without resort to forgery are considered as Negotiable items.
  • Cash can be insured up to $50,000 for Registered mail. If the amount is over $50,000 then still the maximum insured value is $50,000, but the value of the item must be disclosed.

Money is replaced by the insured value as mentioned above when the claim is filed.

Important Points:

  • Only the actual value of any item will be paid if the actual value is less than the insured amount after verifying the proof of value.
  • Confirm with your local post office that what is considered as proof of value while sending a notable amount of cash but verify it before mailing.
  • Also, verify with the local post office that is the item packaged secure enough from being harmed during regular mail processing.
  • Checks aren’t considered as cash.
  • Checks can’t be insured other than for document reconstruction expense.

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