What is a Mailbox with a Barcode?

Have you ever seen a Barcode on a Mailbox? If yes then do you know what is it and why it is placed there. If you don’t then here you can find the reason behind this barcode on mailbox.

barcodes on mailboxBarcode on mailbox may be placed as a part of MSP program. MSP stands for Managed Service Points program. It was started for USPS customers to improve the time of day consistency of mail delivery. Mobile Data Collection Devices or MDCD are used to scan these barcodes. Through this, Supervisors can get the delivery update that the latter carrier has delivered the package or mail within given time frame.

MSP allows supervisors to know the delivery status of the package or mail by the USPS employee. It improves the time of day consistency of mail delivery to USPS customers.

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