Three Most Commonly asked Questions on USPS Hold Mail

Hold mail facility offered by United States Postal Service (USPS) is amazing. By using hold mail you can put an hold on your mail if you are going on vacation. I have also written a detailed article on USPS hold mail, read that article for a complete detail. Today we are going to talk about some common questions on hold mail. Few days back I was just checking out some forum sites and I found that people wanted to know the answers of some simple questions. I picked up three questions on hold mail and today I thought of writing the answers of these questions.

Most Commonly asked Questions on USPS Hold MailThose three questions are simple if you know a little bit about hold mail and if you don’t then it’s all right because after reading this article you will get the answer of all the three questions. Firstly let me tell you those three questions :-

  1. Can You authorize someone else to pick up your Hold Mail?,
  2. Who can submit a Hold Mail request? and
  3. What if You pick up your held mail earlier than the original Hold Mail end date?

These are the three questions and I am going to answer each of them. So let’s start one by one.

Most Common Hold Mail Questions :-

1. Can You authorize someone else to pick up your Hold Mail :-

When you filled the hold mail form, you was asked a question “Pick a delivery option for your held mail”. You had to select one option out of two. Once again let me tell you that you can collect all your accumulated mail after hold mail ends by visiting the post office or the mail carrier will leave your accumulated mail into your mailbox. So you could select any of the option. If you selected the option by which you wished to pick up your accumulated mail from the post office then this question comes into your mind that can I authorize someone else to pick up my hold mail? So the answer of this question is YES! You have the option to authorize a third party to pickup your held mail by providing written permission to the Post Office. One thing you should keep in mind that the third party that you authorized will need to present photo I.D.

2. Who can submit a Hold Mail request :-

Who can submit a hold mail request? It’s really a good question. Most people think that only those who live at the same address can file a hold mail request but it’s not 100% true. A hold mail request can be submitted by anyone at that address or their authorized agent. Yes! A authorized agent can also submit a hold mail request on their behalf.

3. What if You pick up your held mail earlier than the original Hold Mail end date :-

If you pick up your “held” mail before the end date supplied on the hold mail request then your hold will automatically cancelled and your mail delivery will be started again from the next postal business day.


So these are the answers of commonly asked questions on hold mail. I tried to give the best suitable answer of all the questions. If you have more questions on any topic related to USPS then you can send me those.

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