USPS Registered Mail : Most secure USPS Mail Service

One of the best mail services for extra security and safety is USPS Registered Mail service. U.S postal service secures the registered mail with safes, sealed containers, cages, locks & keys. People use this service for high-value packages and letters. Whenever USPS receives registered post, it establishes a chain of custody that protects, tracks and secures the package.

Some important points are :-

  • A receipts system is used by United States Postal Service to monitor and track the shipment from it’s acceptance to its delivery.
  • Customers can’t access these receipts easily. Initiating a claim form will help customers to access receipts.
  • Registered Mail items can be insured for up to $50,000 at your Post Office.
  • Delivery status & attempted delivery status will be provided to you via delivery information (signature required).

With Registered Mail following services & mail classes can be used :-

  • First-Class Mail
  • Priority Mail
  • Return Receipt
  • Collect-on-Delivery (COD)
  • Restricted Delivery
  • USPS Tracking (only packages)
  • Signature Confirmation (only packages)

USPS Registered Mail Cost :- Prices begin at $11.70

Registered Post takes 10-14 days to reach its destination.

It doesn’t provide following information :-

  • Quick Delivery
  • Fix Delivery Time
  • Information of Address

Front of PS Form 3806 (Receipt for Registered Mail) :- 

PS For 3806 (Receipt for Registered Mail) Front

Back of PS Form 3806 (Receipt for Registered Mail) :- 

PS For 3806 (Receipt for Registered Mail) Back

Since this mail service is the most secure way to send any mail item so it needs proof of mailing and for that, you need to visit the post office. It can’t be deposited in the collection box. Obtain Registered Mail Barcode Label 200 by visiting the post office.

After mailing it, you will receive a tracking number and use that number in registered post tracking.

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