Are Sample Mailpieces or Other Tests required for the Picture Permit?

On the Sample Mailpiece, what information is required?

The following information is required on the Sample Mailpiece:

  • Picture Permit Imprint Indicia
  • Full-Service Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb)
  • A valid and complete destination address
    • For all samples, don’t use the same address. Use a variety of valid addresses.


On the Sample Mailpieces, why a variety of valid addresses are needed?

A variety of valid addresses are needed to test return-to-sender and undeliverable-as-addressed automation capabilities. All mailpieces are rejected without it and thus can’t be properly tested.

Where to Submit the Sample Mailpieces for Picture Permit?

To the following address:

U.S. Postal Service
Attn: Picture Permit Program Office
475 L’Enfant Plaza SW, RM 5621
Washington, DC 20260-5621

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