Check the Status of a Domestic Insurance Claim

With “File a Claim” option, an USPS customer can file claim for missed contents or damaged package. You can’t file a claim for any USPS service. There are few services that offer this facility. Different time frames are available with different services.

Two types of shipments allow a USPS customer to file a claim,

  1. Domestic Shipments
  2. International Shipments

Click here to file the claim.

After filing the claim what’s the process or method to check the status of insurance claim?

Below is the method to check the Status of a Domestic Insurance Claim.

Check the Status of a Domestic Insurance Claim :-

  • If the domestic insurance claim was filed online then login to customer account by clicking here. There you can see the status of all the claims filed. Through the “Claims History” tab you will also get the status of all previous claims.


  • Contact to Accounting Services Help Desk at 1-866-974-2733. The working hours are :-

Monday through Friday :- 8:00 am to 8:00 pm ET

While checking the status of the insurance claim you will need to provide some information like :-

That’s the method to check the status of any domestic insurance claim. If the claim is denied then customer can Appeal a denied Domestic Claim.

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