How to Submit a USPS Hold Mail in Writing or in Person

United States Postal Service is an independent agency. A huge number of customers deal with it. These customers use various mail classes and services of U.S Postal Service (USPS). Most of it’s customers are quite happy with the services. USPS Hold mail service is among the best services offered by this agency. By using this service you can easily hold your mail if you are planning to go somewhere for few days. There are few ways through which you can submit a hold mail request.

It is important to notify the United States Postal Service about your holiday because if you don’t notify them then they will send you mail continuously and it may cause mail loss. So whenever you go out for some days, submit a hold mail request and USPS will hold mail according to your requirements. You can submit a hold mail online and over phone or in writing. If you want to submit hold mail in writing then you can fill PS Form 8076. You can see the image of the PS Form 8076

If you don’t know how to fill PS Form 8076 or how to submit it then you can follow the steps given below :-

Step 1 :- Firstly, take the PS Form 8076 from your local post office or download it in a PDF format from the internet. You can also request your letter carrier for this, he will bring it for you.

Step 2 :- Fill the form with your full name, your address, way to receive accumulated mail, beginning date, ending date and your signature.

Step 3 :- If you are in post office then hand over it to the clerk and if you are at home then you can mail it or you can also notify your letter carrier in writing and leave it in your mail box.

These are the steps to fill the hold mail form. The main thing to remember is that USPS can only hold your mail for free from minimum 3 days to maximum 30 days. If you choose to submit a hold mail in person or in writing then don’t forget to note the confirmation number because it can be useful for you.

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