Tax Day – Forms and Special Post Office Hours

Are Tax Forms available at the Local Post Office?

Tax Forms are not available at the local post offices for customers. However, customers can download, view, and print the tax forms and publications at a page of the IRS website. Customers can also acquire forms and publications by U.S Mail and if any customer qualifies the requirements, then he/she can e-file the Texas online.

*Local Government offices may have tax forms available for pickup*

Where to find Information on Alternate Retail Services – Tax Day?

All the customers can access the information on extended hours when available from – > “Find Post Offices with Extended Hours on April 18th.”

Tax Refund is late – what to do?

If your refund is late, then you can use the Where is My Refund tool to check the status of your refund. This tool tracks your item from the moment the IRS accepts your return to the end of the process while providing updates along the way.

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