What Happens to Undelivered Mail with No Return Address?

Everyday you send or receive mail using any postal service. United States Postal Service also known as USPS is one of the biggest postal agency in United States. A huge number of people uses it’s services. Mail carrier uses to deliver any package or mail to your address. If anyone sends you a package and you are not present to receive it then the mail carrier will leave PS Form 3849 at your door. Post office will hold your package for 15 days. So it means you have a time limit of 15 days to pick up your package from the post office. I have written an article on this topic that How long does USPS Hold Undelivered Mail, you can read it for detailed information but the question is what happen to these mail/packages after 15 days. These type of mail are also known as Dead Mail.

dead mailIf a postal worker failed to deliver a package because of any reason then he will try to deliver it on the next business day and if he fails again then he will leave PS Form 3849 at the door of the addressee. He will take the parcel/package back to the post office and the post office will hold it for 15 days. If no one tries to pick up this package then it is sent back to the sender. If the address of the sender is placed or written on the envelope then post office sends the package back to the sender and if the address is unreadable or not available then the package is sent to the Dead Mail Office. In the Dead Mail office they check the package completely to find out the address of the sender. If they fail to find out the address, they destroy it to protect the customer’s privacy. Undelivered Mail with no return address are checked to find out some useful information.

Dead Mail Office was firstly started in 1825 to deal with the undelivered mail with no return address. It handled 20,000 items everyday by 1893. Since then it is doing great work. It destroys the mail and removes the enclosed item of value. Items which cannot be returned are sold out at auction (except for pornography and firearms). These facilities are also known as MRC (mail recovery centers). United States Postal Service’s mail recovery center is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

So this happens with the items which have no return address. Now you know what happens to the mail which has no return address. Such mail are called as Dead Mail. USPS handles these mail on a large scale.

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