Authorize Someone to Accept & Schedule USPS mail Redelivery

A USPS Customer can send mail, packages and any other item using services and mail classes offered by United States Postal Service. If you are not present at home to receive any package or mail item then the letter carrier will take back the mail item to the post office and will try to deliver it on the next day. If he doesn’t find you there on the next day then he will leave a PS Form 3849 and the post office will hold your mail. If you want to know how long does USPS hold these type of mail then you can read my article on How long does USPS Hold Undelivered Mail?

If you usually don’t present at home then you can authorize someone to pick up USPS mail. Yes! You can authorize a person to pick up your mail. That person can schedule and accept a redelivery. But the question here is who can be that person whom USPS will allow to receive and schedule a redelivery, what are the guidelines for that person etc. To find out the answers of these questions read out the text below.

Who can Schedule & Accept a Re-Delivery?

A person who belongs to addressee’s family, agent of the addressee and the employee of the addressee can schedule and accept a redelivery. That person is called an authorized agent. These authorized agents can schedule and accept redelivery according to themselves. They can accept & schedule redelivery as long as they provide necessary information of redelivery. These addressee’s agent can represent addressee. Usually an agent is the family member of the addressee or a close friend.

Guidelines for Authorized Agents?

  • A letter carrier can only deliver the mail item to the address stated on the mailpiece. So an authorized agent cannot ask the letter carrier to deliver the mail item to a different address.
  • At the time of redelivery, the addressee or the authorized agent must be there (at the stated address) to sign for an Accountable Mailpiece (ex. – a package with Signature Confirmation).
  • Person or companies can inform their local post office about the agent who is authorized to accept, schedule a redelivery and sign for Accountable Mail. It is one of the acceptable form of ID. Some other acceptable forms of Identification are ID provided by Company, uniforms with the name of the company and a company vehicle. If the post office doesn’t recognize any agent or person then it will verify the identity of that agent or person.

Is the Letter Carrier Required to Verify an Authorized Agent?

If a person accepts the package or mail at home or business then the letter carrier is not required to verify the identity of that person. If any person accepts the package or mail at home or business then it is assumed that he belongs to that person for whom the item is for but if a person comes to post office to pick up the item then identification would be required including a photo ID.

This process is called as USPS Agent Pickup. Few days back I found a question by a person that “Can you pick up someone else’s package at the post office?” So I thought to write an article on this topic. So now you know the answer that you can pick up USPS package for someone else if you are an authorized agent.

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  1. have them sign the slip left at the home in the section on the left where it says to authorize someone else to pick the package up for you. and also have a copy of their ID and it wouldn’t hurt to have a small letter of authorization from the person signed.

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