How do I Resolve Click-N-Ship Issues on my Mac Computer?

Mac users are facing many problems while dealing with Click-N-Ship. Different types of Mac users are facing different types of problems. So, in this article, we’ll discuss the different problems and their solutions. Let’s find out why is USPS Click-N-Ship not working properly with Mac Computers:

Is Click-N-Ship Compatible with Mac Computers?

If you are a Mac user and using Computer with Operating System (OS) 10.x or higher, then it would be easier to print a shipping label with Click-N-Ship. The users who are using Safari or the Internet Explorer need to take some extra steps. Firstly, the file will load into the Apple Preview application after downloading to hard drive. Now, Using Adobe Reader Version 7.0 or higher, open the PDF file, or you can also reprint the label from shipping history because Apple Preview doesn’t support printing the label.

mac-os-logoPrinted a Label on Mac, but it did not have a Barcode. What to Do?

If you printed a label on your Mac and it didn’t have the barcode then it is because of file association problem with Mac OS X. Instead of Adobe Acrobat Reader, the default viewer for PDF documents is Preview for Mac OS X. But, don’t worry you can choose the Adobe Acrobat Reader as the default viewer and for that follow the steps given below:

  • Press “Apple” or “Control” key and the letter “l” on your keyboard after selecting any PDF file.
  • From the Information page, Select OPEN With
  • Now select Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • At last, click on Change ALL and then Continue.

After this, you won’t face this problem. Now, reprint the label from your Shipping History.

What if Labels don’t Print with Mac Version 10.4X?

Users who are using Mac Version 10.4 (0r higher) their Safari Browser won’t work because of a technical issue. For this, use Google Chrome, Firefox, or Opera and you won’t face the print issue again. Also, make sure that the file association is Adobe Reader instead of Apple Preview.

Note: To resolve the same problem in Windows Computer, read another article on Click-N-Ship issue in Windows.

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