How Long Does The USPS / Post Office Hold A Undelivered Package?

United States Postal Service (USPS) has delivered packages for more than two centuries to its customers. Many times postal worker faces problems when he doesn’t find anyone to receive the package. Sometimes it happens that the mailpiece doesn’t fit into the mailbox and according to the guidelines, the postal worker cannot leave the mailpiece or package at the door or near the mailbox. So in this type of situation, he knocks on the addressee’s door. If still, he finds no one there to receive the package then there are two choices for him, first that he can come back again on the next day to deliver the same package and the second is that he can leave a PS Form 3849 at the door.

PS Form 3849 is also known as Delivery Notice. If no one is available to receive the package then a mail carrier can leave this form at the addressee’s door. The question is How long does the post office store undelivered packages? If the package is not delivered then what will post office do with it and how long it will hold this package. Let’s find out it’s answer –

How long does USPS Hold Undelivered Mail / Package:

If the postal worker finds no one at the address then he will make 1 or 2 attempts if still, no one receives the package then the post office will hold that package for 15 days and after that, they will return it back to the sender. The 15 day time will start from the initial delivery attempt. There are two situations if the package is not delivered, read out the situations and what will happen in both the cases –

  • If someone is available to receive mail or packages and the mail carrier knows it then he will attempt to deliver the parcel or package on the first attempt and if he fails to deliver it then he will attempt to deliver it on the next day. In this case, he won’t leave PS Form 3849 on the initial or first attempt but he will leave it on the second attempt which will show that the parcel is being held.
  • If no one is available to receive the parcel and the mail carrier knows it then he will leave PS Form 3849 at the first attempt. He won’t try to deliver it on the second attempt because he knows that no one is usually available to receive parcels. Additional attempts are made only at the customer’s personal request.

These are the two situations and the actions made by the mail carrier. You can fill out PS Form 3849 to receive the parcel held by the post office. You can also visit your nearest post office to collect the parcel or package being held. If you don’t take any action within 15 days then the parcel will be returned back to the sender. If there is no sender address on the package then it will go to the lost mail department. Now you know that how long will the Postal Service (USPS) hold a package before returning to sender after many delivery attempts. If you want to know more about the holding process then you can read my article on USPS Hold Mail, in that article I have written all the things regarding hold mail service.

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