USPS Saturday & Sunday Hours | Does USPS deliver on Saturday & Sunday?

Firstly, I want to tell you that if you want to know about the USPS Saturday deliveryUSPS Sunday delivery, then you are at the right place. Here you can see the answers asked by many people about the mail delivery. People are confused with the office hours of United States Postal service. They want to know about the delivery system of U.S Postal service. If you too are one of them then read this article till the end, and you will get your answer.

We are living in the world where we use technology for all types of works. If we want to send or receive any information from one place to another, we use email, social media, mobile phones, etc. If we want to purchase anything then in this modern world there is no need to go outside, you can order it from your house, and that thing will reach to you, but there are many things for which we use postal service. We are using this facility for a very long time, and still, in this modern world, we prefer postal services for some works. There are many courier companies and organizations through which we can send or receive our mail packages. Some companies or services are governmental, but some are private.

United States Postal Service (USPS) is one of the biggest postal services in U.S. In the past few years it is growing rapidly. They are trying to give every facility they can offer to their customers. Many people are asking a question for a very long time, and that is “Does USPS deliver on weekends?” then here I am going to answer this question. Firstly I’ll tell you about the delivery on Saturday and then on Sunday. Let’s have a look –

Does USPS Deliver on Saturday?

does usps deliver on saturday & sundayYes, USPS deliver on Saturday. It depends on the service you are using. Most of the mail don’t offer the Saturday, or we can say weekend delivery. You can see the table image below to know about the mail services and what they offer. USPS is delivering on Saturday for a very long time. If you use Priority Mail Express, then USPS gives you the seven-day delivery facility and if you use Priority mail then still your package will be delivered on Saturday.

USPS Saturday Hours :-

There are still many questions related to Saturday. People are confused for these two days Saturday and Sunday. A few days back I received a question related to USPS Saturday hours from a person. He wanted to know about the USPS Saturday delivery times, that What time does USPS stop delivering on a Saturday? I want to tell him and you that it doesn’t depend upon the day. It depends upon the mail volume. Once I asked this question to a mail carrier, he said that they deliver the route until all the deliveries are made. He also included that no carrier leaves his way unfinished voluntarily. If mail volume is less, then they try to deliver these on time, but sometimes they are unable to do this because of rare problems like vehicle breakdown, illness, etc. If we talk about the business hours or office hours, then U.S post offices work from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm on Saturdays. The time may be different according to the locations. The opening and the closing time is not the same for all the places.

Does USPS Deliver on Sunday?

usps sunday hoursYes, USPS delivers on Sunday. According to, an agreement was passed by Postal Regulatory Commission, as the result of it, uses to deliver the packages to the customers on Sundays. This program was started initially in the metropolitan areas like New York and Los Angeles. However, it was not a new service when it released because USPS used to deliver premium packages seven days a week, but the main thing about this service was the low cost. It was a turning point because people could prefer this option with a modest amount. It was also a reliable option for the consumers.

Image Source :-

USPS had to face problems because it wanted to compete with FedEx and UPS. The competition was tough because these companies are not small. USPS suffered a lot in the previous year; it has lost $52 billion since 2007. The things are not settled yet if USPS don’t want this to happen this again, then it has to take some serious steps only then it can survive. They can change two main things, first is the Saturday delivery service because it just adds up to the cost and second, they can close the unneeded post offices having only few clientele. If they do so, then they can save some money.

USPS Sunday Hours :-

If we talk about the Post office hours, then let me tell you that post offices are closed on Sundays, but still it delivers packages on Sundays only if you are using Premium mail service. As I mentioned above that all mail are not same so, the delivery services are also not equal for all the mail. If you want to receive your packages or mail on Sundays, then you have to use premium services.

Here is the answer to your questions. If you too are confused and want to know that Does mail come on Saturday? Then you can read this article. If you have any questions or problems regarding USPS, then you can leave a comment below. I’ll try to solve your problem.

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    1. Hello! Nick,

      Yes! Registered mail & registered mail international count as a premium service. It provides extra security and safety.

      Registered Mail Costs $11.70 (minimum).

      Registered Mail International Costs $14.95 in addition to postage

  1. I’m using one of the small brown bubble mailer envelopes that they have at USPS to mail something. What shipping method is used for that per your chart above? Any method I choose or is there a standard mailing option the post office uses for those envelopes.

    1. Asley,
      they will charge the brown bubble mailer envelope for about $1.49,
      the postage for the item ie: $13.50
      if you need the mail registered $14.95
      and if you need to use Return Receipt $3.85
      your mail is now total to 33.79

      This is for First Class International at USPS. Hope this help!!!

  2. I got 2 day express delivery on an order on Amazon. Ordered Thursday night and was supposed to get the product by 8pm Saturday. Saturday came and the date changed to Sunday. Now it is Sunday and the date changed to Monday? When it all started the item was 1 hour from my home. Why do i not have it?

  3. Hi there. I’m trying to overnight something from LA to Denver on Saturday to arrive on Sunday. Both zip codes are listed on the Sunday arrival lists but cannot seem to find the Sunday/Holiday Premium option when trying to price out. Only Monday arrivals available. Happy to pay the premium price, just don’t see a Sun option avail. Any ideas ? Thanks very much

    1. Hi! Tom,

      In this matter, you can contact to USPS customer support center. They will help you out with this problem. They are there for technical supports.

      So, Call at 1-800-344-7779.

      Hours of Operation:

      Monday – Friday 8 AM – 8:30 PM ET
      Saturday 8 AM – 6 PM ET

  4. Hi. I checked my tracking number it’s wrote Delivered, Parcel Locker
    Mar-04-17, 14:50 Pm , but it’s nothing there. Is it delivered on saturday?

    1. Hey! Vitali,

      If it’s showing delivered, then it may have happened that the parcel was scanned when it either arrived at the local post office or sorted out and loaded onto the truck for delivery that day. But, somehow they failed to deliver that parcel on the same day.

      So, don’t worry you will receive the parcel on the next day.

  5. On amazon it says 2 days shipping and I ordered it Friday and today’s Sunday and on the usps tracking is says expected delivery day is Wednesday why is this:/

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