USPS Text Tracking | Track Packages by Text Messages

Tracking is more easy now with USPS Text Tracking. United States Postal Service has the facility which allows it’s customers to track any package using mobile. Customers will get the updates of the packages on mobile phone through text messages.

What is USPS Text Tracking ?

USPS Text Tracking It is a mechanism which allows customers to get latest updates of their packages. They will get the text alerts with latest tracking information. Standard message & data rates may apply. If you are a USPS customer then you can also request for text tracking. Following are the ways to request for it :-

From Mobile Phone :- 

Send a text message to 28777 (2USPS) with the tracking number. In response, you will get the exact process or update of the package. Send any specific keyword to request for particular information.

From USPS Website :-

You need to register to get these alerts. Visit the official site of USPS, there opt in for regular updates via SMS.

You can request for following updates :-

  • All past activities
  • All Future activities
  • All Past & Future activities
  • Delivery or attempted delivery notifications.

You can easily opt in these SMS tracking updates. If you want to stop getting these updates then simply text “STOP” to 28777 (2USPS). United States Postal Service won’t send you any notification on your mobile phone after this. If you want to opt in again then you can follow the steps given above. It’s really easy to opt in and opt out of these updates. At this time USPS text tracking is available for only domestic users not for international users.

Many people asked me the same question “Do I need to register with USPS to get USPS SMS Updates“. The answer is “You need not to register any USPS account to get these updates but it will ask you to opt in and it’s your choice that you want to opt in or not”. You can read the article on Which carrier you have to use for USPS SMS Tracking to know the name of carriers.

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