Vending Machine Removal Initiative by USPS

Vending Machine Removal Initiative began in October 2006, in which the United States Postal Service started removing the vending machines from the post offices and other locations around the country. USPS is still removing the retail vending machines. Through this process, the post offices will focus more on the ways through which the customers buy the stamps and which they prefer the most.

USPS Vending MachineCurrently, there are so many ways available for the customers through which they can easily purchase the United States Postage Stamps, like 24×7 online, at grocery, pharmacies, convenience stores, by phone and through the self-service kiosks. That’s the only reason behind the removal initiative. A very less number of people are using the vending machines. At some locations, there aren’t more than 2 customers a month on the retail vending machine.

These vending machines are a headache for USPS because they face the mechanical breakdowns more frequently. Some of the retail vending machines are more than 20 years old. Whenever the mechanical breakdown happens, the workers have to face the problem as the replacement parts are scarce and they are not manufactured now. We can say that these machines are becoming more expensive than the value they provide to the customers of USPS.

The postal workers will post a notice on machines before 30 days of removal. In the notice, all the locations of nearby post offices and other locations from where the customers can purchase the postal stamps will be listed.

A reminder of ways through which the customer can purchase the postage will also be there. Following included:

  • The Postal Store at (Opens 24×7)
  • For mailing labels and print postage –
  • Order stamps by Phone, call at 1-800-STAMP24 (1-800-782-6724).
  • By Fax.
  • By Mail
  • At more than 25,000 commercial retail establishments. Use USPS Find Location tool for this. Select “Alternate Locations to Buy Stamps”  under refine search.
  • At banking and credit union ATMs.
  • At self-service kiosks
  • If you are on a rural delivery route then, purchase from your rural carrier.

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