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Amazon is the world’s biggest e-commerce company. Millions of products are available here. It has customers from all across the world. It was founded by Jeff Bezos on 5 July 1994 as Cadabra. Currently, it’s key people are Jeff Bezos (Chairman, President, and CEO), Andrew Jassy (CEO, AWS), Werner Vogels (CTO), and Jeff Wilke (CEO, Consumer). It offers mainly three services Online shopping, web hosting, and content distribution.

If we talk about Online Shopping, as per the reports, in the starting of 2016, there were over 130 million customers who visited the main site in a month. The visits were only on the main site, and it has numerous sites based on the country with different domain extensions.

Every day, millions of customers visit the Amazon site and place the order. Customers place orders, and it delivers the packages with the help of multiple carriers.

Let’s have a look at the way how Amazon delivers packages.

Amazon Delivery:

usps amazon delivery

When any customer places an order, the process begins. Your ordered item is presented in the warehouse among the million products. It is packed into a box, and a tracking number is assigned to it for tracking. Then the item is loaded into a truck for shipping. Then the shipping companies pick up the item and deliver it to the customer. Many carriers are involved in Amazon delivery service.

Amazon uses so many carriers to deliver the item across the United States. The choice of carrier depends on many factors like shipping location, package size, the location of the destination, promised delivery time, the value of content, Prime or free Super Saver Shipping, etc. For Example: –

  • Mostly, United Parcel Service (UPS) delivers Amazon Prime Shipping packages, and if the destination is not served by it, then FedEx and DHL deliver the packages.
  • Super Saver Shipping packages are delivered by United States Postal Service (USPS), and if the item is bulky or expensive, then UPS delivers it.
  • Local companies like OnTrac and Delaware in California, A1 Courier Services in Philadelphia use to deliver packages if the ordered item is available in the nearby warehouse (within 40-50 mile).
  • FedEx delivers the package if the estimated delivery date falls on Saturday.
  • USPS delivers the package if the estimated delivery date falls on Sunday.

Some carrier companies that use to deliver for Amazon are A-1 International Inc. CEVA Logistics, DB Schenker, DHL Express, FedEx, UPS, USPS, Home Direct, i-parcel, Parcel Pool, etc. If you want to see the full list of the carriers with their contact number, then click here.

Amazon Sunday Delivery:

Does Amazon deliver on Sunday? It was the first question that people asked when they got the Amazon package on Sunday for the first time.

Yes! Amazon delivers on Sundays through United States Postal Service (USPS). According to an agreement signed by both USPS and Amazon in 2013, the U.S Postal Service had to deliver Amazon packages in Log Angeles, and New York and USPS delivered Amazon packages to these cities, and after that, the agreement expanded and, then USPS started delivering packages to more major cities.

usps sunday delivery

USPS is still delivering the packages of Amazon on Sundays. Now it’s delivering packages across the country. USPS doesn’t deliver packages of its own on Sundays except for Priority Mail Express and Amazon items. In last June, Amazon opened a sortation center in Aurora where packages are routed to post offices. It’s helping USPS by speeding up the delivery process.

Amazon Prime account holder can order as last as Friday because he/she will get the ordered item within one day.

Amazon Delivery Times:

Amazon delivery time varies with location. The fastest package or item is delivered within the United States. It takes maximum 4 to 5 business days with standard shipping. Below is the shipping or delivery time of different locations: –

Amazon offers a variety of deliveries for its customers like same day delivery, one-hour delivery, two-hour delivery, etc. What’s the difference in them? Let’s find out: –

Amazon Same-Day Delivery: 

Amazon Prime members can select Same Day delivery on a broad selection of items.

Prime Members qualify when they:

  • Place the order before Same-Day-Delivery cut-off time.
  • Select the Same-Day option during checkout.
  • Ship with an eligible ZIP Code to a residential address.
  • With the Free Same-Day icon, order at least $35 of items.

To Place order with Free Same-Day delivery, you have to follow some important things –

  • Check that whether your address is eligible for Free Same-Day Delivery or not.
  • Find only those items that show “Prime Free Same-Day” or “Prime Free One-Day” icon. You can also filter the results.
  • For Free Same or One-day delivery your order must meet at least $35 limit. All the placed order must be with the Same-Day or One-Day icon.
  • At the time of checkout don’t forget to select Same-Day or One-Day delivery option.

It will deliver your product by 9 P.M. local time.

Amazon One Hour Delivery: 

Yes! It’s true that Amazon is offering 1 hour delivery for it’s Prime Account members. It’s the world’s super fast local delivery. Customers can order online using the site and your order will be there to you within One hour. You will need to visit the prime new site because this service is not available everywhere. Few locations are eligible for this 1-hour delivery.

It will cost you $7.99. Prime members can place their order using the mobile app of amazon prime now. It specializes in delivering health, food, beauty and home products. Some electronic items, pet supplies can also be ordered.

Amazon 2 Hour Delivery:

Two-hour delivery is also available. It’s free. If you can wait for one hour, then you will get the order for free without paying anything for shipping but if you are in a hurry then select the One-hour delivery option.

Those who don’t know how Prime Now works, let me tell you first that you will need to open the Prime Now App. Then enter your Zip Code and place your order on local store or restaurant and add the items to cart. Sign in with your Prime Account (if you haven’t). The local carrier will deliver your order to you in the delivery window you chose.

Amazon Free Shipping:-

Your order will qualify for free shipping if it includes $25 or more of eligible books or if it includes $49 or more of eligible items across any product category. If you see any item on Amazon site that indicates the free shipping, then you need not pay any shipping charge for that item.

Customers having Amazon Prime account can get the free 2-day shipping service on eligible items. With the Prime Account, there is no need to spend anything to qualify.

If any customer cancels, combines the orders, changes shipping address and speed, then it can affect the free Amazon shipping service.

free shipping by amazon

If you find that you are not eligible for free shipping, then you can find out the problem by:

  • Checking whether your ordered item is eligible for free shipping or not.
  • Checking the canceled product that brought you back to the total below $49.
  • Checking whether a special order, product or fee may apply or not.

Amazon Free Shipping Code: 

amazon couponAmazon itself offers numerous promo codes and coupons. With these promo codes, customers can get the discount on any order. So many types of promo codes are offered by Amazon. It may be a discount on any product. It may be the Amazon free shipping coupon code or other.

All Amazon customers try to find one type of promo code more than any other, and that is Free Shipping Code.

If you find any promo coupon code with free shipping offer or any other offer then you can redeem that code:

  • Visit the Promotion’s “Here’s How” page or follow deal instructions to review T&C.
  • Enter that code on the page “Place Your Order” or “Select a payment method.”

Note: – If you receive any promo code via e-mail, then you don’t need to add that code manually in your order, it will automatically add while placing the order.

After that, verify that the code was applied to your order successfully by checking the confirmation e-mail or going back to your Amazon account.

Customers can also directly add the promo code or gift card to the account with compatible Android or BlackBerry OS v10.3 device.

To apply the code from Amazon Appstore app:-

  1. Launch the App
  2. Menu>Settings>Gift Cards
  3. Enter the code and click on Redeem.

To apply the code from Amazon App for Android: –

  1. Launch the App
  2. Menu>Gift Cards>Apply it to Your Account
  3. Enter the code and click on Apply.

Some important points for promo codes: –

  1. Codes may not apply on the purchasing of sales tax, gift cards, gift wrap, etc.
  2. If any customer returns or cancels any product that was purchased using the promo code, then the value of that code won’t be given to him/her.
  3. While checkout, if the amount required exceeds the amount of promotion, then you will need to pay extra using debit/credit card.
  4. Promo codes are valid for a limited period. Amazon can cancel/modify them anytime.
  5. One customer can use one coupon.
  6. To know more Amazon Coupon T&C click here.

Amazon Shipping Rates: 

shipping rates amazonShipping rates or Amazon delivery charges depend on the shipping speed, weight, and size of the item. You can determine the rates by following the steps: –

  • Select “Proceed to Checkout.”
  • Choose or add shipping address
  • Select Shipping speed and click on Continue
  • Select the Payment Method and again click on Continue.

The total shipping cost will be there under Order Summary.

Below are the rates of Same-Day Delivery: –

  • For Prime customers (Eligible orders over $35) –  FREE
  • For Prime customers (Orders under $35) –  $5.99 per order
  • For Non-Prime customers –  $8.99 per order + $0.99 per item
  • For Gift Cards –  $3.99 per order

Amazon Package Not Delivered: 

People reports that their packages are not delivered. So let’s find out the reasons of undelivered packages: –

  • Small P.O Box can be a reason of undelivered package. Sometimes, packages are big in size and can’t be fitted into the P.O Box. These types of packages must be shipped to the street address.
  • For security issue. If any postal worker doesn’t find any safe and secure place to leave the package, then he/she retakes it.
  • If any carrier finds difficulty in accessing the address information, delivery address, contact number, etc. then he/she retakes the package.
  • Wrong/missing address information can be the reason of undelivered mail. The carrier returns the package in this situation.
  • If the package is damaged during transit. Then carrier returns that package without attempting delivery.

These are few reasons of undelivered packages. If the Amazon package never arrived, then there must be one of the reasons given above or similar to these.

Amazon Lost Package: 

If you are trying to find a package that shows as delivered then follow the steps within 36 hours of the expected delivery:

  • Recheck the shipping address.
  • Look out the package delivery location.
  • Find if there is any notice of attempted delivery.
  • Confirm others. Someone might have collected it.
  • Check all the location where you receive mail and packages.

If your package is still not found then wait 36 hours.

Amazon Drone Delivery:

drone delivery by amazon

On December 7, 2016, Amazon delivered the package first time using the drone. In Cambridge, England the drone took off for the first time to deliver a package. The service to deliver the package using drones is called Amazon Prime Air. The UK government gave the permission to fly the Amazon drones.

Drone delivered that package in just 13 seconds. Amazon was thinking to change the way of delivery, and for that, it was dreaming of something that could deliver the packages within few minutes, and on December 7, the dream turned into reality when the drone delivered package first time in the history.

Check out the Amazon Drone Video:

As similar to planes, these Amazon drones can take off and land vertically. With an altitude of 400 and distances of up to 10 miles, these drones can deliver parcels that weight up to 2.27 kg. Amazon is currently delivering packages in some parts of Cambridge using these Amazon drones. However, they are restricted to use these drones during tough weather and daylight hours.

For the customers, living near the company’s facility, the drone delivery is free. Since Amazon is delivering only within few miles of the facility, it’s planning to expand the area and waiting for the authorities to soften their rules.

On the one hand, where people are curiously waiting for the drones to deliver their packages, there are some people also on the other hand who are not interested in Amazon drone delivery.

Reports say that only 47% people would love the delivery by drones. The other one thinks that it’s not good for their security and privacy while every large company is trying to use the drones. Amazon, Google, UPS, DHL are the companies that are experimenting with drones. These companies are experimenting with drones for different purposes, but the package delivery companies are experimenting because drone delivery cuts down so much delivery time and costs. It’s beneficial for them.

It seems that shortly drones will completely take the place of the carrier workers.

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