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United States Postal Service also known as USPS, U.S Mail, and Postal Service is an independent agency, and it’s responsible for providing postal service in the US. Benjamin Franklin became the first Postmaster General of U.S Mail in 1775. It was the time when U.S Mail began its journey. From Benjamin Franklin’s operation in 1792, the Post Office Department was created. In 1971, this mail agency had transformed into United States Postal Service and till now serving the people of the United States. As of January 2016, USPS has almost 625, 113 employees. These all are active employees. Out of 625,113 employees, 493,381 are the careers, and 131,731 are non-careers. As of 2014, it has operated 211,262 vehicles.

You can imagine now how big is USPS. Today we are going to talk about U.S Post Office Hours. Almost every person wants to know the opening and the closing time or post office hours. People are in a hurry to done their work as fast as they can. Most of the people reach to the nearest post offices to complete their work fast, but they face problems because most of the people reach early before the opening of the post office, and some reach late because they don’t know the actual opening time of the post office. It is the main reason to write this post. You can see the solution below.

USPS Hours:

You should know the opening and closing timings of your post office so that you can manage your time to send or receive any mail or package. Now you can easily find the opening and closing time or hour of the United States post offices. You can use some tools and services offered by USPS itself to track the location of any post office near you and to know the opening-closing time. You can see a full list of all the States of America below. You can click on the state name, and you will find all the post offices in that state. It’s really very easy to do. All the useful information is available there. You just have to follow some steps like firstly click on the state name in which you are living then you will be redirected to a new page, there you will see a complete list of post offices in your state. Find your city or locate it in the list and you will see all the information there as the name of the post office, address, phone number of the post office, opening and closing time, etc.

Find Business Hours for All U.S Post Office Locations By STATE:

Find Business Hours For All U.S Post Office Locations By CITY:

In the first table, you can see a list of all the states of America, and it’s major cities in the second. You can find USPS office hours by State and by City. However, there are other options also available to check the office hours. In other words, we can say that if you don’t want to search the office hours by finding the name of your city, then you can opt some methods given below.

How to find USPS Hours of Operation:

USPS Locator:

USPS offers a location finder option, or we can say a tool by which we can find out the address, location and USPS hours of operation. You can click here to visit that page to find the opening and closing timings of any post office in the US. After clicking the link, you will reach a page that will look like the image below –

Store Locator Tool

After that you have to follow some steps: –

Step 1: – You can see the Location Types option on the top left. Select the location type by clicking the down arrow.

Step 2: – After selecting the location type, Enter City and State or the ZIP Code.

Step 3: – Then select the distance. You can search the post office within 1 to 100 miles.

Step 4: – After filling the three options, click on Search option.

Find Location using USPS Locator

You can see now all the post offices with the location and hours of operation. Distance is also available. This search result is according to the options you chose. On the right-hand side of the search result, a map is also available. You can see the locations of the post offices there. You can also add some custom options through the “Refine Search” feature. You will see given options after clicking on the Refine Search.

  • Post Office
  • Contract Postal Units
  • Village Post Offices
  • National Retailers
  • Alternate Locations to Buy Stamps

You can select any option according to your need. Once the search result appears, you can click on the red flag icon to find the exact location of that post office on the map. It’s straightforward, isn’t it?


Now it’s so easy to do so many things at only one place. You can also download USPS mobile app to do different things. You may track your packages, buy stamps, find locations, USPS timings, schedule pickup, hold mail, change of address, etc. These are only few things, but you can do a lot more than this using this mobile app. This USPS mobile app is available for both Android and iOS. If you want to download the app, then click on the icon below.

Download USPS App from App Store

Download USPS App from Play Store 2

Find out when your package label created, when shipped, and when you can expect it’s arrival. It’s cool. Many of the users are using this mobile application and saving their time and money. Download it today.

Google Maps:

Google Maps is much helpful if you want to locate any place. Go to Google Maps and search USPS or United States Postal Service after that, you can see a full list of post offices. You can enter your own location and select the destination to find the route. In the list, you can see the post office hours, phone number, review, etc. Use the map given below or the link above to find the opening, closing hours, and location of the post offices

By using the above three options, you can get the opening and closing hours of any post office. The location will also be available along with the hours.

USPS Delivery Hours:

Many people are confused about the USPS delivery hours. They want to know about the timings of the delivery. If you received any mail or package today, then you won’t receive any mail on the same day. You may see a message which reads “electronic notice received,” it means that the package has not been delivered to the post office by the shipper. The only thing he/she has done so far is that he/she has generated a shipping label online. Nothing more than this. Big companies like Amazon also doesn’t provide any tracking number of their own. They only provide the tracking number which they received from the USPS.

You can see the delivery time of Priority Mail below:

USPS Prioriy Mail Delivery

Mail delivery usually starts to the P.O Boxes at USPS stations around 8:30 am. Here are some information about the mail delivery times or hours –

  • International mail should be delivered before 3 pm.
  • All the domestic mail express should be delivered before 12 pm.
  • All types of mail and parcels should be delivered before 5 pm.

These are the delivery hours of USPS. Although it may be possible that the mail carrier is late, he/she will surely deliver the mail to you because he/she has to deliver all the mail if your address or you are on his route. The time is not fixed. The delivery also depends upon the volume of the mail.

USPS Holiday Hours:

I have already written an article on USPS Holidays, and you can read that article for detailed information about the holidays. There are not numerous holidays for the staff of USPS. You can see the list of holiday below. On these days U.S postal service is closed –


In 2017, there are only ten official holidays for USPS except for Sundays. The post offices work even on the special occasions like Black Friday, Father’s day, Mother’s day, St. Patrick’s day, etc. You can see more occasions on which there is no holiday for USPS staff. These are the special days on which United States post offices are opened –


U.S Postal Service hours are same for all the days which is not mentioned in the list above.

USPS customer service hours may vary because it depends upon the location. At some places, the post offices open early somewhere around 8:30 am, and at some places, it opens around 10:00 am. So you can see the difference. Postal service hours are not similar for every location.

Commonly Asked Questions:

People ask numerous questions regarding USPS working hours. You can see some questions which I received –

Is today a postal holiday?
Is there mail delivery today?
USPS delivery times?
When does the USPS open-close?
USPS working hours?
Is USPS delivering today? 

These are the few questions which I received, and I tried to give the best answer to all the questions. If we look at the first question that reads “Is today a postal holiday?” then I have mentioned the holidays in the table above. You can see the table to see the holiday list. If we read the second question which reads “Is there mail delivery today?” then let me remind you again that USPS delivers seven days in a week, although there is a holiday on Sundays, USPS delivers Priority Mail Express items and Amazon packages on Sundays. You might receive any mail on Sundays. If we talk about USPS working hours or USPS open hours, then I have already given you the answer to this question.

Many reports say that most of the post offices are cutting their hours of work. People say that on Saturdays, post offices are opened late and closed early by the staff. People face problems because of this bad service. Many people reported about this issue, but the staff refused about the cutting hours. They had no particular reason about this. Now they have to think that how they will compete with big companies like FedEx and UPS.


Final Words: – These are the opening and closing hours of USPS. You can use any tool or method to find out the working hours. USPS Locator is helpful. Just enter the zip code, and you will get all the information about the post office you want to search. Google Map is also an excellent way to locate and find USPS store hours because you can see the opening and the closing time of the post offices in the result. The final method I mentioned was USPS Mobile App. This application is easier to understand. You can download it for your iOS and Android devices. If you want to download it, then I have given the link to the downloading page. Just click the icon above which shows the downloading option for different operating systems. Apart from the business hours, you can do much more using this Application like you can hold mail, forward it, change your location, locate the post offices and much more. According to me the best way to find the USPS customer service hours is locate your post office first by clicking on the state and city in which you are living, and then you can see the business hours along with location and phone number. So choose the best option which you find helpful, and you can also ask or suggest me anything by commenting below.

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